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Unicorn Squishy Jumbo Slow Rising Squishy Toy, 5″ Length, Pink Colour

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 pcs Slow Rising Unicorn Squishy
  • MATERIAL & SIZE: Squishie made from Eco-friendly PU foam 5` length
  • HIGH-QUALITY: we are strictly control the quality of our products ! Every seam was clean by hands! COMES WITH A 30 DAY – 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!!
  • NEW DESIGN: we developed new kawaii unicorn squishes style, using pleasant magical vibrant colors! This novelty surprise will delight your little princess.
  • NOTES: Do not eat! Keep away from fire! Not for kids under 3 years old. Manual: please don’t stretch the toys! Squish them gently and Have fun!

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Looking at these cute toys, you want to squeeze them. Well, do it, especially as they are intended for this purpose. You can even squish them, and they will restore their form.
You would certainly like to learn more about #squishies, as they are called.
You already know that a squishy toy is … yes, squishy. It is soft and can be of various shapes and sizes ‒ small, jumbo and giant. Use just a little force to squeeze it and it pops back into its usual form.(You can read the full article about PU Foam

Why You Choose Unicorn squishy gifts

✓The Pallytot™ has developed a new cute smiley design of unicorn squishies in two colors: pink or aqua (blue).
✓Our Unicorns are painted in vibrant trendy colors, have a golden horn, a pleasant smiling design.
✓It`s such a funny magical squishy toys with creamy smell, light weight, soft and so nice!
✓These are super cool trendy gifts that you can buy only from us! A slow rising foam toys can easily get damaged, so please play with them carefully, do not stretch and don`t try to torn off!
✓Squishy toys are intended for relaxation, stress relief, collectibles, fantasy role-playing games, children’s room decor, and other things.
✓We created these unicorn designs for our children and will be happy to enthuse also your girl with this novelty trendy unicorn toys.

Warm Tips:
1.Children under 3 years play under the adult supervision.
2. Some items have a slight smell from the paint applied, this smell dissipates after a few days. It’s NON-TOXIC & SAFE.
3.Squishy toys belong to fragile items, please DO NOT pull or tear them violently⚠



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