That about PU FOAM?

Looking at these cute toys, you want to squeeze them. Well, do it, especially as they are intended for this purpose. You can even squish them, and they will restore their form.
You would certainly like to learn more about #squishies, as they are called.
You already know that a squishy toy is … yes, squishy. It is soft and can be of various shapes and sizes ‒ small, jumbo and giant. Use just a little force to squeeze it and it pops back into its usual form. 
Material and Safety 
Squishies are made of polyurethane (PU) which has been in use since 1937. It is recognized as safe both for adults and children. So, you needn’t worry about health issues. Just do not give toys of small sizes to little kids.
Purpose of the Toys
The main purpose of #squishies is to relieve stress, which means that they are not only for kids but also for adults. It’s up to you what purpose you choose for your toy as the ways to use them are many. The majority of people choose them for their stress relieving feature. Just apply a little pressure, feel how the toy is slowly squeezed, take time to enjoy this feeling, then slowly release the pressure and feel how it expands. For some people, it is sometimes enough to watch a squishy to feel their stress leaving them.
The toys can be used for educational purpose. Children like to observe a slow rising stress relief toy. More than that, they learn to focus and concentrate. Or why not organize a role-playing game for older kids?
The anti-stress qualities have been proved by scientists. They have found out that everything in these toys from their cute appearance to soft texture causes dopamine (a chemical of happiness in the brain) release. When a person presses the soft texture, some areas of the brain are stimulated. As a result, muscular tension is relieved. Besides, endorphins are released, and they are known to reduce the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood. In fact, a squishy can stimulate all your senses. They really work!
A Bit of History
Squishy toys have been around for 30 years. Their history is fascinating. They originated in Japan and were called kawaii squishy. The Japanese word Kawaii means “cuteness”. What concerns the word “squishy”, it speaks for itself ‒ a squishy feeling we experience when squeezing them. 
Polyurethane foam was originally used to make fake bread, rolls, cakes, doughnuts, muffins and other “food” for shop windows and restaurants. This fact explains why one of the most popular themes is #kawaii cakes,#doughnuts and other finger-licking things with eyes, ears, etc. As they come from Japan, they are in a #Japanese style reflecting the culture of the country.
However, if we look deeper into the history, we’ll learn that the Japanese borrowed the idea from the Chinese who used to make stress balls from wood or metal. They were not #squeezed, of course, but rolled in the hand improving the person’s energy balance.
There is a great variety of such toys with a different texture, squishiness and the time they need to restore the form depending on the sort of polyurethane. We offer toys made from memory foam which is also used for making mattresses and pillows. It means that you will get a slow rising stress relief toy. 
Do you need to improve your mood? Take a look at these adorable squishies. We offer the most popular of them, for example, a galaxy squishy. If you are looking for an animal option, choose this nice Puppy #Kawaii#Squishy. It is among the most desired choices. 
Shop now and make your mind less concentrated on the stress. The toys emit a pleasant scent that makes the relaxation effect greater.
Just don’t stretch out your squishy and it will serve you longer.


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